Бог грома / Mortal



MORTAL is a fantasy adventure origin story about a young man, Eric, who discovers he has God-like powers based on ancient Norwegian mythology. While hiding in the wilderness of western Norway, Eric accidentally kills a teenager in an inexplicable way and is subsequently arrested. Before being interrogated, he meets Christine, a young psychologist trying to figure out what really happened. She believes Eric and feels sympathy with him. Soon the American embassy shows up wanting Eric extradited, but he manages to flee with Christine. On the run, with both Norwegian and American authorities after him, Eric finally discovers who, or what, he really is.

Director: André Øvredal

Writer: André Øvredal, Norman Lesperance, Geoff Bussetil

Actors: Nat Wolff, Priyanka Bose, Iben Akerlie

Production: N/A

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